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The Perfect Holiday Gift

Have you been looking high and low for that perfect gift for that internet/tech/business person on your list? If so, then look no further. Cyberlaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business is a critically acclaimed bestseller, covering everything from domain names to digital signatures. While not legal advice, Cyberlaw guides you through the maze of internet laws to help you spot issues and take the appropriate precautions.

Every Day Lowers the Bar
As an intellectual property attorney, I see my share of companies involved in Internet-related train wrecks. Some of these train wrecks involve individuals or business owners who thought they knew what the law was when it came to doing things online. Others involve people just “giving up,” figuring if there is no way to understand everything about every online law, it is not worth worrying about any of them. Unfortunately, they all learned the hard way that a little homework could have spared them a lot of headache.

The 80/20 Rule
Internet laws are not only complex, but are constantly changing. Even if you could know everything there was to know about Internet Law (which no one does), your warehouse of knowledge would be outdated in hours. Faced with such a Sisyphean task, it is no wonder individuals and businesses opt to tumble blindly onward. Little do they know for about twenty percent of the effort, they can spot about eighty percent of the issues which cause the most grief. You do not need to know how to solve every online legal issue to succeed. Just being able to spot the usual suspects is often enough to keep yourself out of hot water.

Your Desk Reference
No one book will solve all of your legal problems. Actually, by itself, a book is not going to solve any of your legal problems. Cyberlaw, however, might just give you enough information to steer clear of the most common online legal problems before it is too late. Some individuals and business owners never realize that spotting the issues is half the battle. Spotted in time, you and your attorney can address most online legal problems and avoid their potentially catastrophic consequences.

Leveraging Opportunity
Some see the complexity of online legal regulations as a hindrance, while more savvy individuals and companies see it for the opportunity it presents. Understanding why online laws are the way they are gives you a leg up on the competition. You can expand your business more vigorously in areas of lax legal restrictions or where the law is well settled, and pull back in areas of heavy restriction or unsettled law. Most importantly, understanding the reasons behind the laws allows you to extrapolate your strategy long into the future. While your competitors are busy digging themselves out of holes they never saw coming, you can be anticipating the changes two or three years down the road and reaping the associated rewards.

If you have a slightly nerdy person on your holiday list, now is the time to reward him/her with a gift that really will keep on giving.

Brett Trout

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