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The Little Black Book For Lawyers

The Importance of Marketing
I remember way back when I first got out of law school. I had no idea how important marketing was. I figured, just be the best lawyer in the world and the world will beat a path to your door. Soon I learned “What good is being the best lawyer in the world if nobody knows?” blackbook

The Problem of Marketing

Even if I had known the importance of marketing, I would not have known what to do. Most attorney just take a guess, work very hard for months, and then wait several more months to determine if their efforts were successful. It does not take very many failed iterations of this process to become an old, unsuccessful attorney.

The Key is to Begin
Lack of marketing knowledge and experience freezes most young attorneys in their tracks. So afraid of failure, they paralyze themselves with inaction. They know the best marketing plan is tailored to their expertise, their personality and, most importantly, to their clients. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. The only way to discover your unique marketing plan is to try known techniques and discover which ones work best for you and your clients. The best time to start is today.

The Techniques
While there are many guides out there to legal marketing, one very short and simple guide is Paula Black’s “The Little Black Book: A Lawyer’s Guide To Creating A Marketing Habit in 21 Days.” It is not comprehensive, it is not detailed, but it is a quick start guide to overcoming paralyzing inertia and getting your legal marketing moving in the right direction. Designed to help lawyers integrate marketing into their daily lives, The Little Black Book is a quick, easy and inspirational read. The main thing is that it motivates you to get started today.

The Bonus

As an additional bonus, if you order in the next 48 hours (I receive absolutely no compensation from any order), you will receive special access to information and resources from more than 30 legal marketing experts. These are some of the most sought-after online and social media experts in the legal arena. “The Smart Lawyer’s Toolkit” provides much more detailed information on ways to leverage your marketing expertise and avoid costly pitfalls.

If you decide to order The Little Black Book, or just have some insight on lawyer marketing, please leave a comment below, letting me know what has and what has not work for you and your clients.

Brett Trout

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