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The Boycott Has Been Lifted

As you recall, I called for a boycott of Sullivan & Ward’s new Iowa Law Blog. I was protesting the fact that one of their most talented and erudite pundits had not yet taken the stage.

You will be glad to know that litigator and mediator extraordinare Larry McLellan has lifted the ban with great aplomb. In his first blog post ever, in gracious narrative, Larry examines the ins and outs of challenging jurors for cause. Explaining the tactics I have personally witnessed him use with a patent jury to great advantage, Larry explains the process of letting jurors help you give them the boot. Along the way, Larry dishes out hat tips to Harry Plotkin and Mike Coyle.

Check out Larry’s insightful post, and be sure to leave him a comment (I have heard that if you get to know him, he might even take you out for sushi). If this post is any indication of posts to come, we definitely do not want this to be his swan song.

Brett Trout

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