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Iowa Business Hour With Jim Goodman

Wednesday night tune your dial (does anyone even have a dial anymore) to 98.3 WOW FM to hear your humble narrator wax philosophic on the wonders of CyberLaw. As the featured guest on Jim Goodman’s Iowa Business Hour, I will be tackling everything from patents, to trademarks, to copyrights and email.

The Iowa Business Hour focuses on combining Money, Management, Marketing and Model to create a successful business. For online companies, intellectual property, like trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, are their most valuable assets. Tune in to see what you can do to protect yours, and avoid stepping on intellectual property toes.

I can not give out any specific legal advice on the air, but I will provide some general guidelines to help determine if you might be headed into hot water. Do not wait until an cyberlaw issue cripples your company. Tune in tomorrow night. Learn what smart companies are doing to stay online and out of court.

Brett Trout

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