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Don’t Have an Affair With a State Employee

Or at least don’t write emails about it. Scorned husband Stephen Malmer just won the right to see over 55 pages of emails sent between his cheating state-employed wife and her co-worker, Stephen Malmer. Apparently, Mr. Malmer is not convinced the affair is over and, for some strange reason, is unwilling to take his loving wife’s word on it.

Turns out Franklin County Kentucky Judge Phillip J. Shepard is behind Mr. Malmer all the way. Judge Shepard has ordered the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to make Ms. Malmer’s emails public. Even though the emails contain private information, Judge Shepard ruled the public has a right to see how state employees use paid time to exchange non-work related messages.

Even with all the press about bosses reading emails, lawyers demanding emails in lawsuits, and judges siding with scorned spouses like Mr. Malmer, people still seem bent on documenting their moral turpitude. Perhaps they secretly want to get caught. My guess is that even if their lack of moral fiber had not put them on the street, their stupidity eventually would have.

For employers, especially state employers, this should be a wake up call. If you have employees doing bad things with your computers, take this opportunity to nip it in the bud. Otherwise, you may find your friendly neighborhood blogger more than willing to take up the cause.

Brett Trout

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