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Blogging For Dollars

Apparently, The Polk County Bar Association is pleased to announce that I will be the speaker for their November luncheon. Granted, they have not heard me speak yet, but still . . .

Actually, having just returned from my speaking engagement at BlogWorld, I am excited to share insights I garnered from bloggers across the country. The topic of my Des Moines presentation is “Blogging for Dollars.” Had the naming been left to me, I might have leaned toward either “Blogging 101 for Iowa Lawyers” or “Modifying Allowable Armor for your WoW Paladin”. Methinks the audience might be the same either way.

If you are an Iowa lawyer interested in blogging, or at least being able to converse intelligently with your blogging clients (you have them, whether you know it or not), feel free to join us at Downtown Des Moines Marriott Hotel, Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at noon. Tickets are $19.00 at the door.

Brett Trout

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