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Iowa’s Toughest Attorney

I just wanted to thank journalist Jason Hancock and photojournalist Eric Rowley of the Des Moines Business Record for all the time they put into making this patent attorney look good. Check out next week’s Business Record for their story about my cage fight training. If you cannot wait until next week to see me black-eyed and bleary, you can check it out online. I cannot give you a direct link to the article, but if you hit the Business Record website and register (free) you should be able to access the great article they put together.

I would also like to thank my trainer Charles “The Reverend” Grigsby, who just won the Victory Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Title Belt last night in Council Bluffs and my Des Moines Hapkido family for supporting me over the last eight years. If anyone knows of a cage fighting attorney that would possibly like to pony up some money for a charity fight with me in January, please send them my way (unless they look like they can beat me up. In that case just pretend you never met me).

Brett Trout

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