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Des Moines Register Lowering Its Standards

For years I proclaimed that blogs are on par with newspapers in terms of keeping readers informed. I retract that statement. Blogs are more current, more focused and far less expensive. Newspapers were known for being more well-researched and including fewer typographical errors.

Oh, how times have changed. Check out this article from the Des Moines Register. The first fault is that it includes a spelling error in the first sentence (unless I am, unbeknownst to me, multiple people). The second blunder, is that the writer takes a quote from my letter and transcribes it incorrectly and makes me appear as unfamiliar with the English language as she is.

The third, and most troubling problem is that the Des Moines Register does not seem to care that the quality of its reporting has dropped like a call on AT&T. Everyone makes mistakes. Even this blog is scattered with spelling errors. Granted, I do not get paid to spend a week getting my post to a copy editing services expert who should take care of these kinds of things, but even the best of us makes mistakes. The Register’s problem was illustrated (something they still do well) when I pointed out these concerns to the Register, by phone message and via email, I received no response. Even the lowliest blogger would have enough pride of authorship to correct a mistake brought to his or her attention.

Pick up a copy of the Register, . . . so your grandkids will have an idea of what you are talking about when you tell them you used to read a newspaper.

Brett Trout

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