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The Oldest Blog in Iowa

Robert Ambrogi has an interesting post which asks “Who Was the First Legal Blogger?” From the post, it appears Overlawyered is the first, dating back to July 1, 1999. While others are disputing the results, I have yet to see any actual evidence of a blawg post predating Overlawyered.

Mr. Ambrogi’s post got me thinking. BlawgIT has been around since August 21, 2003., Based upon my limited research, this would seem to place it in the running for several “oldest” categories. The only way to find out, however, is to follow Robert Ambrogi’s lead and ask if anyone in the blogosphere is aware of blog that can strip BlawgIT of the following titles:

Oldest Blawg in Iowa
Oldest Blog in Iowa
Oldest Patent Blog in the country
Oldest Intellectual Property Blog in the country

It is very possible that there is a blog out there that deserves the crown more that BlawgIT. If anyone is aware of any blog vying for one of these titles, let me know and I will check it out. If I determine the referenced blog is indeed older, I will provide a link to it and to you. Let the games begin!

Brett Trout

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