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Katonah Votes to Battle Martha

In January, I blogged about Martha Stewart filing six federal trademark applications on the word Katonah. Katonah just happens to be the name of an affluent hamlet in Bedford Township, New York. It seems the Katonah Village Improvement Society voted yesterday to authorize the “trademark committee” to spend $200 toward opposing Martha’s trademark applications. Heck of a deal, especially since the United States Patent and Trademark Office does not seem to have a problem with the trademark applications. The USPTO has already passed the four remaining trademark applications on toward publication.

According to the Lower Hudson Online, the president of the Katonah Chamber of Commerce, Ron Romanowicz, notes a concern whether Katonah business will still be able to use the village’s name if the trademarks eventually register. I would say the best way to find out would be to authorize a $200 trademark opposition budget. You should have your answer shortly.

Brett Trout

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