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LucasArts Opposes Trademark

LucasArts Entertainment Company (George Lucas’ “Star Wars” company) has filed a trademark opposition against Digg Inc.’s attempt to register the trademark Digg for use in association with “providing online news and information in the field of technology, namely, computer games and computer enhancements for games.” While Digg obviously deals with much more than video games, Lucas is apparently concerned that this use will lead to consumer confusion.

Back in 1994 LucasArts filed for registration of the trademark The Dig for a video game. Lucas does not want people mistakenly assuming is affiliated with LucasArts. While opposition proceedings typically take a year or more to complete, with a Goliath like LucasArts in the fray I would look for the parties to settle the issue well before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board gets a formal crack at it. But who knows, may just have a ball bearing and wrist rocket up its sleeve.

Brett Trout

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