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Where’s the Patent Lawyer?

Tino Buntic has come up with the blogging equivalent of sliced bread: 2000 Bloggers

Like all great ideas, 2000 bloggers is as simple as it is powerful. Tino lists pictures of 2000 bloggers selected by nothing other than their attention to the blogosphere and responsivness to his offer of help. What you end up with is captains of industry hobnobbing with students, hippies rubbing shoulders with lawyers and hippie lawyers battling their own internal angst.

Just by virtue of the fact that these 2000 Bloggers are now linking to one another, 2000 Bloggers has raised the value of its indivudual blogs, making it even more powerful. (Contact me if you would like a copy of the code to post this incredible mosaic on your own blog).

Because of its diversity, 2000 Bloggers has very little overlapping readership and covers nearly every nook and cranny of the blogosphere. Now that we are all here, the real question is how do we use this awesome power bestowed upon us?

[Indeference to my readers, I have removed the photo montage. If you want to find out more about the 2000 Bloggers project, this website should have all of your answers]

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