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The (Fed) Circus is in Town

Do you find yourself sitting up at nights dreaming of new ways to prevent your Wii controller from flying out of your sweaty palm and through your new plasma screen? Do you find yourself dreaming of having the muscle tone and physical coordination to actually throw a Wii controller through a plasma screen?

Well then, you may just be a patent geek like me. As a patent geek, you know there is nothing better than fresh information on patents delivered to your door. Enter J. Matthew Buchanan of Promote the Progress.

Mr. Buchanan has just unveiled his website. According to Mr. Buchanan, is a website that allows patent professionals and other patent stakeholders to access, digest and manage patent caselaw information. This type of website is long overdue. I for one have subscribed via RSS to both the case law summaries and practice alerts.

If Mr. Buchanan does say so himself, the site “is built on a foundation of timely, accurate and considered reviews of patent decisions form the Supreme Court of the United States and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.” I appreciate the fact that this website might put some dust on your Wii and further atrophy your withering physique. There is simply no substitute, however, for honing your patent acumen. Stop getting sand kicked in your face on patent law bulletin boards; visit

Although is rather impressive as it is, the real value will lie in reasoned comments left by patent attorneys and other legal scholars. I encourage everyone falling into either of those categories to comment liberally on Mr. Buchanan’s new website. Comment both favorably and unfavorably. Help him make this site what YOU want it to be. The more insightful comments you leave, the better the site will be for everyone.

Brett Trout

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