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Google Patent Search

Kevin O’Keefe gave me the heads up on Google launching its beta Google Patent Search engine. A quick search for Brett Trout reveals 103 patents, including my personal patent on a Key Actuated Locking Cap. Whether it is a patent on a stick or a strangely salacious description of a well head you will find it here in all of its glorious searchability.

Google Patent Search is a boon to independent inventors. Searching patents at the United States Patent Office website can by cumbersome, slow and difficult to search. The Google Patent Search engine eliminates most of these problems. A quick search may save you thousands of dollars trying to patent something that has already been patented. Even if you do not find your invention in the database, the mere act of searching will likely uncover devices you can use to improve your own invention.

Careful though, the site can become quite addictive.

Brett Trout

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