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Beginning Thursday, March 16, 2006, from 8-10p.m. ET, American Inventors will get their chance to shine on national television. American Inventor, the new show from American Idol’s Simon Cowell seeks out America’s best new invention. Embodying the quintessential American dream American Inventor offers one million dollars to the best idea.

National casting calls were held in seven major cities across the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC and Atlanta. Thousands of inventors, of all ages, are vying for the title. Viewers will see the judges top picks of the best and wackiest.

While a pending United States patent application is not a requirement for appearing on the show, failure to obtain patent protection before disclosing your invention could cause the patent to become part of the public domain. Producers of the show encourage participants to seek advice of a registered patent attorney to determine whether or not to obtain patent protection for their ideas. For more information on patents, visit or check out Internet Laws Affecting Your Company.

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