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Worm and Virus attacks being prosecuted

Worm and virus attacks have racked up over $65 billion in damage to US companies. Curiously, it may be companies themselves abetting the attackers. Despite Attorney General John Ashcroft making it an administration priority to stop Internet crime, very few arrests are being made. Corporate victims, worried about bad publicity, typically do not report attacks. Many companies even go so far as to hinder law enforcement investigations in an attempt to thwart public disclosure of an incident. While more savvy companies realize reports and forensic investigation of these criminals is the only way to stem the tide of Internet crime, many more companies are far behind the curve. Groups such as Infraguard help companies work with law enforcement and encourage companies to share information with each other relating to attacks. In an effort to increase awareness of the problem and encourage reporting of incidents, Microsoft has added $5 Million to a reward pool for information leading law enforcement to the creators of viruses and worms.

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